01 June 2007

Calling Cinderella

I want to thank those that left helpful suggestions on my pattern search for the 'Palooza socks. This may come back to bite me in the arse, but I went with the Twisted Flowers pattern from Cookie A (good Lord, that girl's got some talent!). I've got the first sock started, but I'm not out of the ribbing yet. Just a few more rows to go, but after looking over the pattern, I think this will knit up quickly like the Baudelaires did. I figured the pattern was fitting since the colorway of that Wildfoote is called "Mums". Yeah, I know I'm a dork.

I do have a problem though. I need a Cinderella. I'm hoping that someone in our local guild can fill the position for me (and that I have a sock done by WWKIP day when I'll see everyone again). The problem is, that while my foot is just a tad longer than my pal's, we have the same foot circumference. Wait. This isn't the blessing that it should be.

No, my friends, this pregnancy has left me with the worst cankles I've seen in... ummm... FOREVER! I was so excited last weekend after being on my feet all day Sunday getting the baby's room ready that when I finally sat down, I realized that my ankles were back (which is completely ironic since I was standing all day). I hadn't seen them in at least two months (oh yes, the swelling started early-- but no PIH to speak of since my last BP reading was 110/62). And when I woke up Monday morning, they were still there to greet me, but come Monday night after riding in the car to visit grandma, the swelling was back. And yes, the dimples you see on the side of my feet would be where the straps of my sandals have "cut in" to the swelling. Gross, I know this.

Anyway, my point is, since these socks needs to be mailed before we expect our little Bacon Bit to arrive, and I doubt I will see my ankles again before the end of summer, I need a Cinderella with size 8 and a half shoe to tell me if the socks will fit my pal.

Oh, speaking of WWKIP day. The Lincoln Knitters are gathering at the Farmer's Market next Saturday to show off our mad skillz. Yumm, knitting and fresh baked kolaches... I can hardly wait!

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