10 November 2007

OMG, we have an FO!

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That's right, folks. I have knitting content.

My knitting guild has an annual "Trick or Treat" event during our October meeting. Members cull their stash of yarns they're willing to part with, occasionally a knitting book will join the mix, and we get our trick or treat on grab-bag style. This year, one of my treats happened to be Chick Knits by Julia Cooper. When browsing the patterns included, I came across this adorable baby sweater. And since there seems to be a baby boom in my neck of the woods, I knew that it would be the perfect quick project to bless the new bundles of joy entering the world.

This one happens to be for a former co-worker. I finished it last weekend, after starting the weekend before. She's due the 13th, and as of yesterday was still roaming the building (I transfered to a different dept- hence the "former" status).

Yarn: LB Microspun in Royal Blue and Cherry Red
Needles: US 4 Addi Turbos
Size: 0-3 months

10 August 2007

Welcome to the world, little peanut

I'll post more details later, but here's the Bacon Bit's first pics!

Introducing Heath Aaron-

Images are clickable.

06 June 2007

School's out for summer!! (or at least until July)

Gator finished second grade the 17th of last month, but tonight was my last night of class for the Spring quarter.

Guess who's on her way to making the Dean's List?

Yeah, that would be yours truly.

Intro to Business-- A+ (and the highest percentage out of the class)
Office Accounting-- A+ (finished the class with a perfect score of 100%)

You may all bow at my feet now.

01 June 2007

Calling Cinderella

I want to thank those that left helpful suggestions on my pattern search for the 'Palooza socks. This may come back to bite me in the arse, but I went with the Twisted Flowers pattern from Cookie A (good Lord, that girl's got some talent!). I've got the first sock started, but I'm not out of the ribbing yet. Just a few more rows to go, but after looking over the pattern, I think this will knit up quickly like the Baudelaires did. I figured the pattern was fitting since the colorway of that Wildfoote is called "Mums". Yeah, I know I'm a dork.

I do have a problem though. I need a Cinderella. I'm hoping that someone in our local guild can fill the position for me (and that I have a sock done by WWKIP day when I'll see everyone again). The problem is, that while my foot is just a tad longer than my pal's, we have the same foot circumference. Wait. This isn't the blessing that it should be.

No, my friends, this pregnancy has left me with the worst cankles I've seen in... ummm... FOREVER! I was so excited last weekend after being on my feet all day Sunday getting the baby's room ready that when I finally sat down, I realized that my ankles were back (which is completely ironic since I was standing all day). I hadn't seen them in at least two months (oh yes, the swelling started early-- but no PIH to speak of since my last BP reading was 110/62). And when I woke up Monday morning, they were still there to greet me, but come Monday night after riding in the car to visit grandma, the swelling was back. And yes, the dimples you see on the side of my feet would be where the straps of my sandals have "cut in" to the swelling. Gross, I know this.

Anyway, my point is, since these socks needs to be mailed before we expect our little Bacon Bit to arrive, and I doubt I will see my ankles again before the end of summer, I need a Cinderella with size 8 and a half shoe to tell me if the socks will fit my pal.

Oh, speaking of WWKIP day. The Lincoln Knitters are gathering at the Farmer's Market next Saturday to show off our mad skillz. Yumm, knitting and fresh baked kolaches... I can hardly wait!

29 May 2007


Ok, so here's the deal. I have three more nights of class (with a month break before starting up again), a pair of socks that must be knit by Aug. 2, at least two baby knit projects (one is a third of the way done) that I would like done before I evict the baby boy from my womb, crib linens to sew and some painting to finish up all before the baby comes. Now, I got a lot done this past weekend as far as the painting and such goes, and that should all be done by the end of this next weekend. Which leaves the sewing and knitting. Shouldn't be a problem right? Wrong.

The pattern that I picked out for my 'Palooza socks isn't a quick knit, and I'm wondering if it's even worth it since the pattern is getting lost in the color changes between the plies of the yarn. See for yourself... I might just rip this back to the ribbing and knit plain for myself after the Palooza is over with. And while I want my pal to have socks out of this yarn, I'm thinking that I'll just send her two balls of it and let her work it out herself.

So, what then do I knit for her? I've got some Wildfoote (that I absolutely love working with-- it helps that it's a local fiber for me as well) that I'd be willing to part with (I can always get more in this colorway). But, now I have a whole new pattern to search for, unless I knit yet another pair of Baudelaires; while easy as they are for how they look, I don't think I'd get excited over yet another pair.

This would be the Wildfoote that needs a pattern to go with. Any suggestions?

(As always, images are clickable.)

01 May 2007

Double whammy

Oi! I've got two tests tomorrow in my night classes, and I'm dead tired from not sleeping for beans the last two nights. Thank the powers that be that this quarter is half over. Someone please tell me that yes, I can still take night classes (online) and deal with a newborn next quarter and not loose my sanity...

Oh, happiness! I got my Sockapalooza match today. Hrrmmm... I've got the pattern in mind (need to get some itty bitty sticks for this one though), but I wonder if I have the right yarn in my stash...

13 April 2007

11 April 2007

Whoo hoo!

Sign ups for Sockapalooza 4 have started! Did you get signed up yet? I'm all a-twitter with excitement. Between the baby knitting, I think I can get a pair of socks cranked out by Aug. 2nd. I might be knitting like mad during the summer break from school, but they will get done.

Big ultra-sound is tomorrow. Pink or Blue?

27 March 2007

American dream

Some of you may remember this post from last summer. I know I promised you more information after I received confirmation. I had hoped to update you all on this matter before now, but it seems as if I'm an idiot who can't follow simple instructions to sign a letter and mail it back. Wash, rinse, repeat. You guessed it, I had to go through it all over again before I could update you.

So, what it is that had me so discontent last summer, just weeks before I was to get married? The fact that I never went to college. There. I said it. I put it out there for the world to know. Here I was, 6 months or so from turning the big 3-0, and I hadn't graduated from college. Other than the nursing assistant course I took, had no college credit to my name (I found out later that those credits didn't really count since it was part of the continuing education offerings of the local community college). I'm pretty much stuck in a dead-end job (well, in my department anyway-- it's a whole different story in other areas of the company), and try as I might, I can't get out of it. At least, not without some good ol' college education to back me up. Nevermind the fact that more than one coworker has told me that I was too smart to stay where I'm currently at. Frankly, without sounding like a pompous ass, I agree. I have a brain, I know how to use it, but because my resume lacks any post-secondary schooling, I'm being limited. That really doesn't sit well with me.

Other than a glitch with my math class being cancelled due to lack of enrollment, I'm all set to start classes tomorrow. I get to miss Jericho and Lost, but thankfully with a broadband connection, it's pretty easy to play catch up on the plot lines and watch the episodes online.

Yeah, I think everything is back on track now... Got the kid(s), got the house (no picket fence, but chain-link kinda counts), and Fido is laying at my feet...