10 November 2007

OMG, we have an FO!

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That's right, folks. I have knitting content.

My knitting guild has an annual "Trick or Treat" event during our October meeting. Members cull their stash of yarns they're willing to part with, occasionally a knitting book will join the mix, and we get our trick or treat on grab-bag style. This year, one of my treats happened to be Chick Knits by Julia Cooper. When browsing the patterns included, I came across this adorable baby sweater. And since there seems to be a baby boom in my neck of the woods, I knew that it would be the perfect quick project to bless the new bundles of joy entering the world.

This one happens to be for a former co-worker. I finished it last weekend, after starting the weekend before. She's due the 13th, and as of yesterday was still roaming the building (I transfered to a different dept- hence the "former" status).

Yarn: LB Microspun in Royal Blue and Cherry Red
Needles: US 4 Addi Turbos
Size: 0-3 months

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