02 November 2008

U got the Q?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I absolutely dread grocery shopping day. The whole family makes the trip to Seward on Friday night or Saturday around noon on a weekly basis. Half the time I can't find what I need at Wal-Mart (I swear I'm going to boycott this place some day), and the other half I don't even know what the heck we purchased for $100+ because unloading the trunk of the car sure doesn't seem like we stretched our dollar very far.

I've been getting back into coupon clipping, and some weeks I do good, and some weeks not so much. After sorting through everything yesterday, I realized that I could have saved another $2.50 on diapers and feminine products. Grr. All because my Qs weren't sorted right and I had forgotten that I had them...

I've since started doing something like this--

Although, mine's not quite that organized since all my good tabbed dividers are at work.

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