08 November 2008

Goodies in the mail

I received my aprons from the Mommy and Me swap. Both my partner and I are behind schedule, but we've been in constant communication, so neither one of us was freaking out. Holly is the best! The aprons that she made for Gator and I are absolutely adorable. Gator wouldn't take hers off all evening until I threatened what would happen if she "misplaced" it in the black hole that would be her room. Nope, she will treat her hand-made items with more care than that.

I have to say that in my email to Holly to thank for her for the gifties, I gushed. A lot. And I promised her the return favor of having her package no later than a week from today. I wasn't happy with the fabric I had originally chosen, so Monday it's off to JoAnn's to find something ab fab. I have some cute extras in mind as well.

Pictures of aprons tomorrow. (D wasn't in the mood to take photos tonight. Bah, and here I was all dolled up in makeup and crap due to volunteer time at the humane society today.)

P.S. Liz, you need to go adopt this tom cat that came in today. He's too freakin adorable. You know you want another cat.

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mommyholly said...

Woooo cant wait to see photos, missy!!!! :) xo!